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Kaymao Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in May, 2008, and is affiliated to Suzhou Chunxing Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (stock code 002547). It has 25000 square meters of workshop area and 1500 employees. Mainly produces mobile phone lenses, TP substrate glass, cameras, instrument panels, Nb pen glass. The company will adhere to the principle of consistent scientific and technological innovation, and develop to the high-quality and high-intensity advanced technology products. At the same time, our company attaches great importance to the culture of the enterprise and the cultivation of employees. In line with the humanized management system of people-oriented, we strive to create excellent learning management team to maximize the value of employees.

Kaymao Technology (Fujian) has established strategic cooperation with many international famous brands on the platform of Shenzhen kaymao. Guided by scientific and technological innovation and based on advanced manufacturing, we have gathered management and technical personnel with rich production experience. We have advanced technologies from Ag etching, cutting, forming, polishing, strengthening, printing, coating, silk screen printing, antifouling treatment and other production processes. Together with the first-class production environment and equipment in the industry, we have cast the first-class quality of kaymao science and technology.

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